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The Velveteins - Hanging From The Ceiling
Posted: 2016-05-04 00:00:00

The Velveteins' new single Hanging From The Ceiling is off their reworked EP A Hot Second With The Velveteins, which was produced by Lincoln Parish (Cage The Elephant), soon to be released by fierce panda canada. 

"Hanging was one of the first songs we wrote collaboratively. Spencer was working with this cool 3/4 groove when I heard the sideways breakdown section. We ended up with this sort of psychedelic doo-wop number about things turning upside down."

The Velveteins are working on their debut album, slated for release late this year. They're currently in the middle of an extensive tour across Canada, the US, and the UK.


May 10 - Toronto, ON 
May 11 - Brooklyn, NY 
May 13 - Montreal, QC 
May 17 - London, UK 
May 19 - Brighton, UK (The Great Escape) 
May 21 - Brighton, UK 
May 13 - London, UK 
May 24 - London, UK 
May 26 - London, UK
May 28 - Liverpool, UK 
May 29 - Liverpool, UK 
June 2 - Winnipeg, MB 
June 4 - Calgary, AB
June 5 - Edmonton, AB
June 6 - Edmonton, AB
June 7 - Jasper, AB 
June 8 - Vancouver, AB 
June 9 - Seattle, WA
June 10 - Portland, OR
June 11 - San Francisco, CA
June 15 - San Diego, CA
June 16 - Los Angeles, CA 
June 17 - San Jose, CA

Details at www.thevelveteins.ca