The Velveteins
Alt / Pop
Hailing from sunny Edmonton AB, The Velveteins are a rock ní roll band consisting of primary songwriters Spencer Morphy (vocals, guitar) and Addison Hiller (percussion). Their latest work 'A Hot Second With The Velveteins' was produced by Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant) and has been described as ďa collision of the Kinks and the Libertines, rollicking garage, moody surf [...and] pop classicism with a rough edge.Ē (EXCLAIM!). Their unique brand of heavy guitar pop has translated into raucous and energetic live shows opening for large acts such as USS, Milo Greene, July Talk, and appearing across Canada.

"It feels like The Velveteins exist in a parallel universe where the fifties never truly ended." - Geyser Music

Originating as a solo project by frontman Spencer Morphy The Velveteins were officially formed and fully realized in 2014, after his return from half a year spent vagabonding around Australia. The band's' self produced first effort 'Fresh Claws' splashed onto the scene in the summer of 2014. A sun-soaked swirl of psychedelic and indie rock drenched in good vibes, the album marked the first collaborative effort between Morphy and Hiller.

"The Velveteins are taking all of their inspiration from the past but adding the original touch to it. Any band can replicate the sounds and styles of the 60's and 70's, but few can take it and make it better." - 3rd Outing

The remainder of 2014 saw The Velveteins hit the road for the first time. It wasn't too long afterwards that the band caught the ear of Nashville based producer Lincoln Parish (Cage the Elephant) and by November the group was on their way down south to record their latest effort. Co-Released on April 20th, 2015 by the group and Weiner Records ĎA Hot Second With The Velveteinsí builds off of the melodic indie/blues rock of their previous album while packing a much stronger punch in its energetic and psychedelic elements. The release was supported by extensive touring across the country and a first time appearance at CMW in Toronto.

"Itís kinda like T-Rex covering The Everly Brothers" - Ride the Tempo

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