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Fractured State (Single)


Chimera (Steve Kroeger Remix)

In Search of the Miraculous

Chersea releases new single 'Chimera' (Steve Kroeger Remix)
Desperate Journalist Release Their Brand New Album 'IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS'
Chersea drops both Tongue Tied and Chromance
Chersea drops brand new video for Murphy's Law
Velveteins drop new video for All Night Baby
Chersea's debut single Murphy's Law is OUT NOW!!
Chersea and The Velveteins are headed to Rock The Shores!
NEW SIGNING: Welcome Chersea!
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28-Sep-19Desperate Journalist Digbeth, UK
31-Oct-19The Tourist Company Vancouver, BC
1-Nov-19The Tourist Company Nanaimo, BC
2-Nov-19The Tourist Company Victoria, BC